sentencing issues

You are a unique individual. You have admirable qualities. Just because you got arrested for drunk driving doesn’t change that. But the judge in your case is not going to know anything about your accomplishment or your plans for the future if the judge isn’t told about them! Sentencing is an unfortunate reality in some drunk driving cases. It is at the sentencing that your attorney should know who you are, as an individual, so well that your attorney can tell the judge all about those good things about you. It is a key part of what Frank B. Ford does at a sentencing, but it starts well before that day. Mr. Ford will conduct a separate interview with you before you have to stand in front of the judge for sentencing, getting even more background information about you than what he already knows from working with you on the case up to that point. His slogan, “Experienced Individual Attention with a Personal Approach”, is very obvious in this phase of his work on drunk driving cases. His personal interest in you and your future is there at every stage, and it will show in the way he presents your situation to the judge at sentencing.
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