Frank B. Ford will devote hours of time to your individual drunk driving file, searching for the defenses to the OWI, DWI, or DUI charge, finding the loopholes, and taking advantage of the errors.

  • Your arrest was preceded by the story of what happened leading up to your contact with the police. In his first meeting with you, Mr.Ford will draw that story out from you, so he will know the circumstances "from before the start to after the finish."
  • Mr.Ford will ask you many questions that may not seem relevant, but which may reveal the key to a very effective defense.
  • Then he will review the police officer's version of what happened: the Incident Report and any Accident Reports, along with all of the other documents prepared by the police: the BAC Datamaster Evidence Ticket, the Temporary Driving Permit, the Property Receipt, and other documents.
  • There may be video recordings that Mr.Ford can review for evidence of innocence and for errors by the police officers: out the front window of the police car, into the back seat of the police car, and in the police station where booking and breath testing took place.
From all of this Mr.Ford can develop a strong defense.

If it is appropriate to do so, Mr.Ford will enter into plea negotiations on your behalf.

  • He will explain all your options to you, and what the consequences of each option would be.
  • If you wish to enter into a plea bargain, before you do so, Mr.Ford will review with you all of the procedures that will take place in the courtroom, so that you will be as comfortable as possible once you are standing in front of the judge.
  • If you do enter into a plea bargain, and ultimately stand before the judge for sentencing, Mr.Ford will be a strong advocate for you. He will tell the judge of your many good qualities, with the intention of creating understanding, and even sympathy, from the judge.
  • In preparation for sentencing, Mr.Ford will conduct another interview of a more personal nature, to learn about "all the good things about you". His presentation will make you look your best.

If you are trying to get your driver's license back (a driver's license restoration), Mr.Ford will work with you to get your paperwork ready to submit with your Request for Hearing, and then will get you prepared to look your best at your hearing at Secretary of State, Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD). The same patience and dedication of time that Mr.Ford gives to each drunk driving case he handles is also evident in his preparation for a DAAD hearing. He will get to know you and your background, your accomplishments, and your goals for the future, so all this can be effectively presented to the Hearing Officer.

Frank B.Ford will take the time to get to know you, as well as the facts of your case. He will provide a vigorous defense and will be a strong advocate for you and who you are. It's what he calls, "Individual Attention with a Personal Approach." Call Frank B. Ford at 313-565-9289, and see why.
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